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Warring Angel

Book #3 in Fallen Redemption

Enael, a cobalt-winged, demon-fighting Nephil, struggles to establish her place in the ranks of Heaven’s army. Because of a mistake in London in 1888, fellow soldiers refuse to partner with her, and she just can’t stop screwing up her missions.

When the demon Asorat aligns with Adolf Hitler and openly declares his intentions to invade Heaven, the Council of Seraphim needs all the fighters it can get. They assign Enael to raise a generation of human-angel hybrids, one of which will embody on Earth and attempt to halt the Nazi party’s growing power.

As Enael raises the warrior humans, she grapples with the information imparted to her decades ago: she is, indeed, a Cornerstone, created by the Source to defeat an ancient evil. However, no one–not even the Council–knows her ultimate purpose. As the threat grows, Enael must embrace the destiny the Source created for her, or her failure will bring about the end of Heaven itself.

Releasing as an eBook and paperback on June 10, 2021.

For real this time!

Currently available as an eBook from Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and Nook or as paperback on Amazon.