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Reaping Angel

Book #2 of Fallen Redemption

A resolute fallen angel.
An unjust penance.
A demonic, intrusive ex.

The consequences for betraying Heaven are dire.

I never thought I’d have to earn back my wings. I didn’t intend to Fall—I just wanted to rescue my soul mate from the clutches of a demon hellbent on gathering power.

But I did Fall, and now I’m putting in my penance as a brown-winged Reaper. If I thought being a guardian angel was bad, ushering humans through traumatic deaths is much worse.

I need to keep my head down to prove myself to the Council of Seraphim and rejoin Heaven. Instead, Voctic, my former-lover-turned-demon, decides he’s going to mess with me. Playing mind games with my closest friend, giving subconscious suggestions to my latest human Ward, and showing up to screw with me at the most inopportune times—there’s nothing he won’t do.

But I’ve learned a thing or two since I was an angel. He might have started this fight, but I’m going to end it, whatever it takes. Will it cost me the chance at becoming an angel again? Or will I be able to silence him and earn back my wings?

Reaping Angel is the second book in the Fallen Redemption trilogy, featuring a fed-up former angel, buried secrets from the past, and a cold, hard look at the ugliness of life—and death. Fans of Fallen, Black Wings, and Hush, Hush will love this fantastic series by science fiction and fantasy author Samantha L. Strong.