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Guarding Angel

Book #1 of Fallen Redemption

She’s an exasperated guardian angel. He’s a stubborn human. Can she protect him from a demon’s wrath, or will she lose her wings forever?

I don’t hate being a Guardian angel. What’s frustrating is being confined to this rank for a millennium while everyone around me has earned their colored wings and gone off to help the humans plan their lives, inspire art, and fight demons. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!

My latest Ward, a human named Daniel, refuses to listen to anything I whisper in his ear. If he doesn’t watch himself, he’s going to end up dead—or worse—and I’m going to end up wallowing around with white wings for the rest of my eternal life.

As if that’s not enough, a charming fellow Guardian angel has come sauntering into my life, bringing smoldering looks, unbidden feelings, and a demonic ex-lover who decides she has it in for me.

When my—and Daniel’s—life starts unraveling, I stumble into a plot that leads not to Hell, but to Heaven, and to a destiny I was apparently created for. I need to answer some questions before my life devolves into chaos. How do I fit into the plan for humanity? What does the Council of Seraphim want from me? And will I be able to stop my rival before she becomes more powerful than any demon before?

Guarding Angel is the first book in the Fallen Redemption trilogy, featuring an angel determined to prove herself, a demonic plot to wrestle power from Heaven, and secrets that will reverberate throughout Earth’s history. Fans of Fallen, Black Wings, and Hush, Hush will love this fantastic series by science fiction and fantasy author Samantha L. Strong.