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Warring Angel

Book #3 in Fallen Redemption

A worldwide conflict.
A prophetic warning.
The rise of an ancient evil.

History will never be the same.

I spent centuries longing to ascend from the rank of Guardian, and now that I’m a cobalt-winged, demon-fighting Nephil, things aren’t as grand as I expected. Because of my mistake in London in 1888, nobody wants to be my partner. Worse, I can’t stop screwing up my missions.

When the demon Asorat aligns with Adolf Hitler and openly declares his intentions to invade Heaven, the Council of Seraphim needs all the fighters it can get. I’m tasked with preparing the most promising of new human-angel hybrids to attempt halting the Nazi party’s growing power.

As we train for battle, I grapple with the information I discovered decades ago: I’m a Cornerstone, created by the Source to defeat an ancient evil. However, no one—not even the Council—knows my ultimate purpose. But time is running out for me to figure out how to also oppose the secret and powerful Aleph. Will I embrace the destiny the Source created for me in time to stop it? Or will my failure bring about the end of Heaven itself?

Warring Angel is the final book in the Fallen Redemption trilogy, featuring an angel coming into her power, an evil older than the Earth itself, and a war that will change the face of Heaven and Hell forever. 
Fans of Fallen, Black Wings, and Hush, Hush will love this fantastic series by science fiction and fantasy author Samantha L. Strong.