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Welcome to the Codex Instafreebie page, where you can browse all the great giveaways! In case you’re not familiar with our group, Codex is a group of professionally published science fiction and fantasy writers, many of whom are members of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) or other professional SFF organizations.

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It was an uneventful trade voyage until they ran into the woman walking across the surface of the waves. Then came the pirates, the sharks, and the imperial guard. Will Patara risk his cargo and his livelihood to save the last member of a magical lineage?

Genre: Epic Fantasy

SwordBearer Smaller
You swung a staff until you were ready to swing a sword. Then you went on all kinds of adventures — fighting monsters, casting spells, and saving damsels in distress. At least that was how it was supposed to work, but I didn’t believe a word of it.

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Genoveva Jardim’s father was a monster—a defrocked priest who used his healer’s gift to murder instead. Determined to make amends for the deaths her father brought to the Golden City, she turned her back on her life among the aristocracy. She’s chosen to work for the Special Police, learning how to use the healer’s gift she’d never even known she had. She wants to save lives instead of killing like her father.

Rafael Pinheiro has kept an eye on Miss Jardim for some time now. The very first time he met her, his seer’s gift told him he would someday marry her. What he can’t figure out is why he would choose her. She’s young and an aristocrat—hardly a match for a mere police captain raised in an orphanage. They don’t seem to have anything in common.

But when Miss Jardim’s life is threatened, everything changes…

Genre: Fantasy Romance

City of Masks Kindle cover
In a city where appearance is reality, a naive diplomat and his clever servant set out to stop a serial killer and foil an assassination.

Genre: Fantasy of Manners

Jiaire lives on The Mountain skyport, the one place where airships from across the known world can thaw their engines before they finish their journey across the endless frozen wastes. To its friends, the Mountain offers warmth, smiles, and entertainment, but to its enemies, it offers lightning—powerful storms that appear from nowhere and clear the skies of enemy ships. When the Mountain is invaded and the storms fail to appear, Jiaire is forced to explore the mysteries of his home.

Genre: Fantasy

Air travel is one of the safest modes of travel when we take into account the distances and freedom that it allows us. And yet, we still remain obsessed with aviation disasters. What caused these accidents ? Whose fault was it? In her series of books, Why Planes Crash, Sylvia Wrigley investigates the worst aviation disasters of the twenty first century.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Barenin Lyr hasn’t been human for millennia. He roams the galaxy atoning for the sins of his synthetic race – the fracturing of time itself. But when another’s pain reaches out to him across the lightyears, can he be human enough to save the children of a broken world?

Genre: Science Fiction

Underwater Restorations Cover New Series 300 dpi High
Flushed out from the criminal underworld of pilfering underwater graves, Isa must gamble to survive. Cut off from the world she knows, and in the open without a citizen’s chip, she attempts the desperate. Among the stakes gambled: another man’s life—the only decent one she knows.

Genre: Science Fiction

The Genrenauts travel to the universe of Romantic Comedies to find and fix a broken story, using the rules of Rom-Com genre to re-unite the Leading Man and Leading Lady – whatever the cost.

If you like Leverage, Dramaworld, or Redshirts, pick up The Cupid Reconciliation today for an exciting romp through the worlds of story!

Genre: Science fiction/Romance

BK1.1 Dark Ink Tattoo E-Book Cover
Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, Las Vegas’s premier 24/7 tattoo studio, where needles aren’t the only things that bite…

Genre: Paranormal Romance

When Your Time Is Up - Cover
In this short story, a supernatural creature stalks its prey:

“I scanned the crowded nightclub, searching for the girl who would be my salvation. The scent of stale cigarettes, warm bodies, and cheap beer warred with sensations beneath the visceral: anticipation, regret, anger; the desire for release, the thirst for anonymity, the lust for connection….”

Genre: Urban Fantasy

A steamship captain who’s been down on his luck makes a dangerous deal with the god of the sea to retrieve a stolen pearl from the lost city of Atlantis.

Genre: Fantasy

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